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How to request connectivity

Solutions for Individuals and Companies

1. Specification of your data and choice of service

Once you have entered your name and the type of connectivity required, choosing between the solutions for Individuals and Companies, you will be contacted by one of our operators who will send one of our qualified installers to the indicated site.

2. Check coverage area

Once verified that the position is covered by our service we will proceed with the positioning of the small receiving antenna and with the laying of the cable to bring connectivity to the chosen point.

In the event that it is not possible to carry out the intervention, due to lack of signal coverage, nothing will be owed to us.

Coverage areas

Does stel arrives in my area?

Find out if the area of ​​your home or business is covered by STEL.
For more information contact our customer service: 800 978 556.

Check coverage


Does your service work even without a telephone line?
What navigation speed do you guarantee? See the “Frequently Asked Questions”.

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