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Frequent questions

Find answers to your questions in our FAQ section.

To receive assistance from Stel Technical Support, you can:

1. Open a ticket using the appropriate form

2.Send an SMS to the number 3496558055 remembering:

  • specify customer code e contract header
  • enter a brief description of the problem encountered

3. email to

4. Call switchboard Stel 0532 55586 key 3 / Assistance specifying the customer code.

5. Call the special rate number 8958050515 *

  • specify the customer code

*Landline: 1.82 € / min (VAT included) 0.36 € (incl. VAT) for the connection fee. Mobile Network (Tim, Vodafone, H3G, Wind) 2.42 € / min (VAT included) 0.18 € (VAT included) for the connection fee

STEL provides a telephony service using the VoIP protocol, this solution works via internet connection.

A Cisco branded VoIP router will be provided to operate the telephone line. Alternatively it will be possible to authenticate the telephone line by using its own device compatible with VOIP technology

This device will be provided on loan for use and already configured.


The device must be connected as follows:

Generally if a single telephone number is required (new or brought by another operator) the line on the PHONE1 port is enabled where it will be possible to connect an analog telephone.


The VOIP device  must be connected to your router, switch, hub or access point using the BLUE port called internet (the WAN of the previous vignette).

In order to understand if the VoIP device is working properly, simply check the status of the LEDs located on the device:

this symbol indicates the power supply status;


this symbol indicates the presence of the internet signal;


this symbol indicates the operation of the telephone line

Mainly the three routers differ in technical characteristics and method of use.

Router Lite

Router Lite It is a recommended Access Point for covering a small apartment.
The Router Lite is equipped with a powerful 650MHz CPU, 32MB of RAM, 2.4GHz Dual Chain and 4 10/100 Ethernet ports

CPU QCA9531 650MHz CPU
Memory 32MB DDR RAM
Ethernet 4x 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet with Auto-MDI/X
Wireless cards Onboard dual chain 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n QCA9531 wireless module; 10kV ESD protection on each RF port, WPS support via button
Max consumption 3W at 5V
Operating Temp -20C a +70C tested
Antenna 1.5dBi gain

For more information, you can view the product features directly from the manufacturer’s website by clicking here

Router Power

The Router Power is an excellent Access Point powerful enough to provide good coverage of a medium-sized apartment, with its powerful integrated omnidirectional antenna.
The Router Power can be powered either from the supplied power supply or via POE

CPU ARM 32bit IPQ-4018 4 core 716 MHz
Memory 128MB
Ethernet 5 ports Ethernet 10/100/1000
Wireless cards Onboard dual chain 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n and dual chain 5GHz 802.11a/n/ac
Max consumption 21 W
Operating Temp -40°C to 50°C
Antenna for 2.4 GHz 2.5dBiand for 5 GHz 2.5dBi

For more information, you can view the product features directly from the manufacturer’s website by clicking here


The routers listed above can be requested directly from our sales office (80097556 –”> or from the web application form.

UltraPower Router

The UltraPower Router is dedicated to outdoor use thanks to its protective plastic shell.
The UltraPower Router has a directional antenna with a 60 ° aperture.

CPU AR9344 600MHz
Memory 64MB RAM
Ethernet 1 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Ethernet port
Wireless cards Onboard dual chain 2GHz 802.11b/g/n.10kV ESD protection on each RF port
Max consumption Up to 7W
Operating Temp -40°C .. +70°C tested
Antenna Dual polarization 2GHz antenna, 10dBi, -18 dB port to port isolation,Beam-Width: H-Plane, E-Plane typ. 60°

For more information, you can view the product features directly from the manufacturer’s website by clicking here


We remind you that access to devices managed by STEL (antenna and / or router) will not be inhibited.
For any changes to the dispositions of the devices we invite the kind customers to contact the technical assistance to observe the modifications.

To send

FAXes can only be sent from the inbox enabled during the activation of the service (upon request it is possible to change it).

To send a fax, enter the recipient’s fax number in the “Subject” field of the email and enter in the “To” field
Insert as an attachment a file in doc or pdf format the message you wish to send.

The body of the email will be completely ignored and the recipient will receive only the contents of the attachment

To receive

During the reception phase, the fax is delivered to the enabled e-mail address when the service is activated (also in this case, upon request, it is possible to change it).
Usually, it is sufficient to open the file to view it: however, it is necessary to have installed the PDF acrobat reader visualization software which can be downloaded for free on the site

The guide to faxes in pdf format can be downloaded from: Here

You can get more clarification by opening a support ticket by completing the appropriate form.

Should you experience speed problems you can try disconnecting all the devices in the local network, connect a single PC via cable to the router provided by STEL, if there is no router provided by STEL you need to connect the PC to the LAN port of the power supply. antenna and try again.

If there is a lack of connectivity, check that the green light on the antenna power supply is present, try disconnecting it from the power supply for about 15/20 minutes and reconnecting it, if connectivity is not restored, contact technical support. .
If instead the light is solid red or flashing it is necessary to contact the technical support.

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