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Stel was born in 2009 from the integration of two companies characterized by distinct professional experience: the first specialized in the management and implementation of telematic networks, the second with thirty years of experience in the telecommunications field. The convergence of these two skills has allowed the creation of a single structure having, as its primary objective, the creation and management of a network for the distribution of broadband and ultra-broadband wireless services in areas in “digital divide”, meaning, with this term, not only the territories currently not served by ADSL coverage, but also the areas in which the quality of the service is not performing well.

The current network counts on as many as 500 bridges distributed over different districts of Emilia Romagna and Sardinia. Stel has its own means and an engineered network obtained with planned investments to guarantee the most efficient service, making use of existing radio bridges, choosing the optimal number and location, also taking advantage of the redundancy of the connections between them.

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Continuity and quality of service

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Furthermore, in order to guarantee the continuity and quality of the service, the entire backbone is equipped with electrical continuity groups.

The infrastructure is also constantly monitored by analyzing the operating parameters of the same with the use of specific software operating in real time.

In terms of advisory commercial assistance, in the Business sector, Stel provides its Sales Specialists who support the customer through targeted support activities. To date, over 10,000 customers, distributed in the business and consumer markets, have placed their trust in us by contacting us through our dealers or using the forms on the Stel website and choosing our solutions.

Our network continues to grow steadily with the acquisition of new prospects and with the increasingly widespread expansion of service coverage in the regions of Emilia Romagna and Sardinia.

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