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Internet Stel Offer

For your family or your company

For any business or work, connectivity has become essential today. Through it we communicate with the whole world, we manage relationships with customers and suppliers, we carry out research, send mails, create conferences, we guarantee access to our customers within their own shops.
This is why STEL has designed three different Business lines, with 27 different solutions, including annual and seasonal ones, specifically designed to comply with every need and leaving you complete freedom of choice.


Finally, even at home, what seems impossible until yesterday becomes, today, possible. Connect to the world and bring it closer to you.

We have studied three different Business lines, specifically designed to comply with every need and leaving you full freedom of choice.



CAM LINE allows you to connect video surveillance systems offering smooth and qualitative performances. Includes an IP number.

Coverage areas

STEL arrives in my area?

Find out if the area of your home or business is covered by STEL.
For more information contact our customer service: 800 978 556.

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Does your service work even without a telephone line?
What navigation speed do you guarantee? See the“Frequently Asked Questions”.

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