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Small, medium and big company

For any business or work, connectivity has become essential today. Through it we communicate with the whole world, we manage relationships with customers and suppliers, we carry out research, send mails, create conferences, we guarantee access to our customers within their own shops.

This is why STEL has designed three different Business lines, with 27 different solutions, including annual and seasonal ones, specifically designed to comply with every need and leaving you complete freedom of choice.

Solutions for Small business and vat number
  • For your business, for your office, for your work, three solutions and three answers.
  • Choose one of the specially designed Cwave profiles for Small Business and for VAT holders.
  • For every solution you choose you will also have the right to a telephone line with new numbering with free fee and activation fee.
Solutions for Small medium business
  • The reliability of a dedicated connection for fast and stable navigation, even for an important number of users.
  • Three perfectly balanced profiles to cover the needs of small and medium enterprises offering fast and performing symmetrical band connections.
  • For every solution you choose, you will also have the right to one telephone line with new numbering with free fee and activation fee.
Solutions for Big company
  • All the power of Stel Guaranteed Band connections for those who require performance from absolute reliability.
  • Ideal for those who need a band always perfectly fast for transporting large quantities of data flows in a short time.
  • Single direct connection to ours backbones in Ultrabroadband to put the “turbo” on your line.
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